Brussels Donors’ Meeting: Much A Do About Nothing

The European Union and the United Nations co-chaired the third Brussels Conference on Supporting the future of Syria and the region, on 12-14 March 2019. While the Conference achieved some good results, it overlooked other issues that we believe are very important. 57 countries and more than 20 international organisations and UN agencies came together to participate in an international conference on supporting the future of Syria and the region. On 12-13 March, the ‘days of dialogue’ brought together more than 1000 participants: civil society representatives from Syria and the region, ministers and decision-makers from countries neighbouring Syria, donor countries, regional organisations, UN agencies, and the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. They discussed key themes affecting the Syrian people and the international response to the crisis. The conference renewed its rejection of normalization with the regime, but some European diplomats expressed concern about changing the direction of international aid and directing it to areas of the regime. Part of the funding provided by the European Union and its country members should be used for the reconstruction of Syria, which was devastated during eight years of war, but the head of European diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, warned that these funds “will only be transferred if a credible peace process begins in Geneva Under the auspices of the United Nations “. “The Syrian regime must be present at the negotiating table in Geneva,” said Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders. “We hope that in the coming months we can move the political situation. That would allow the start of reconstruction and the return of refugees,” he said.

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Syria’s broken schools will make it difficult to fix the country

The uneducated are easy prey for the Assad regime and extremist groups

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Syrian Regime Seizes Shops in Ghouta and Closes Others

While Law no.10 has not been put into force yet, the regime is being accused of exploiting the anti-terrorism law to seize the people’s properties, even those who did not participate in any acts of violence

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Legal Limbo: The Future of ISIS’s Children

Statelessness is a serious, lifelong impediment to acquiring basic services and rights, including education and medical care

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Chemical weapons attack in Syria: US, UK and France joint statement

As Permanent Members of the Security Council, we reaffirm our shared resolve to preventing the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime, and for holding them accountable for any such use

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Reconciliations The Last Option for Deir Ezzor Populations

Hussien says “We were about two thousand people including women. The first checkpoint of the regular forces took photocopy for our IDs and ordered us to chant for the president in order to atone for our sins, as they said”

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The vow of ‘never again’ is dying in Assad’s prisons

“What’s happening in Syria is a holocaust,” he told me, reacting to Trump’s speech. “The difference is, we still have time to do something to stop this holocaust.”

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A Deadly Welcome Awaits Syria’s Returning Refugees

Yasim, another Syrian who left Germany under similar circumstances, has also disappeared. His cousin Mohammad, still based in Germany, said Yasim could not obtain the papers required to enable his wife to join him

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Escape from Syria: the boys stranded after Isis fall

After the military defeat of Isis in Syria, there are believed to be about 1,200 more children like Mahmud and Ayyub stuck in a legal limbo in the country

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Justice or Forgiveness? The Case of Anwar Raslan

Discussions about who deserves to be tried, and who deserves amnesty, are integral to any post-conflict criminal accountability process

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Ali Mamlouk’s visit to Italy is a stab in the back of Syrian victims of Assad’s torture

Unfortunately, this feeling of being ignored by Italy has been reinforced with the latest elections which have been won by the Northern League and the Five Stars Movement, two parties which had several times expressed their support towards Russia and Assad regime’s ‘fight against terrorism’

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Experts say war crimes case against Assad government growing

Criminal investigators say they have built a case documenting the widespread torture and murder of Syrian detainees by the Assad government

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IIIM President: No Peace in Syria Without Accountability

Marchi-Uhel emphasized the importance of accountability to pave the way for lasting peace. She also stressed that accountability should be part of the political process in Geneva.

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