We Are Not Alone!

The sister of deceased British MP Jo Cox has called on leading UK politicians to continue the murdered politician’s legacy and act on Syria, where 1 million children are trapped in Idlib province amid a hail of bombing. Earlier last week, the United Nations Security Council passed its first resolution on missing persons in armed conflicts, seizing a key opportunity to strengthen efforts toward uncovering the fates of those missing and giving closure to countless families. Human rights in Syria has been a pressing issue in Syria throughout the past 8 years. While governments are yet to take a clearer position regarding the fate of the Syrian criminal regime led by Bashar al-Assad, international and civil society organizations across the world, as well as politicians, academics, and activists, are in full support of the Syrian case. We, the Syrians, need to be more efficient in stretching the bridges between ourselves and the world that cares about us. While the governments fail to do their duties, we can build up on the friendship of the peoples and their legitimate organizations. Hic Rhodus, hic salta!

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Anti-Syrian refugee sentiment ramps up in increasingly hostile Lebanon

From xenophobic statements by Lebanon’s foreign minister to hostile public campaigns, Syrians are feeling less accepted than ever

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In July 2018, the Lebanese government announced that they will facilitate the return of refugees to Syria under an agreement with the Syrian government

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Idlib offensive: Stop the bombs or Syrians will ‘break the borders’

Recent protest at the Turkish border was triggered by the regime’s intensified military campaign on Syria’s last opposition-held region

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Assad demolishes refugee homes to tighten grip on rebel strongholds

As the civil war wanes, the government is blowing up properties in areas it claims were opposition heartlands

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Syria: Detention, Harassment in Retaken Areas

Media, Aid Workers, Activists, and Families Targeted

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‘No way back’: The law that stops displaced Syrians from ever going home

Owners of properties in war-devastated areas are concerned that Law 10 is nothing but a legal cover for government expropriation, erasing all trace of opposition

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In pictures: Floods devastate refugee camps in northern Syria

The camp is part of the large Atama camp compound across northern Syria. According to the Response Coordination Group (RCG) manager Mohammad Hallaj there are “more than 11,000 families affected” by the rainfall

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To Minimize Civilians Harm in Idlib, Public Information Campaign

The violations varied, including five massacres and no less than 82 attacks on civil vital centers, 17 places of worship, 19 schools, six medical facilities and four markets

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Prosecuting ISIS in Northeast Syria

Following the capture of Baghouz, SDF officials called for an international tribunal to help prosecute the more than 1,000 foreign fighters in its custody

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Justice or Forgiveness? The Case of Anwar Raslan

Discussions about who deserves to be tried, and who deserves amnesty, are integral to any post-conflict criminal accountability process

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Ali Mamlouk’s visit to Italy is a stab in the back of Syrian victims of Assad’s torture

Unfortunately, this feeling of being ignored by Italy has been reinforced with the latest elections which have been won by the Northern League and the Five Stars Movement, two parties which had several times expressed their support towards Russia and Assad regime’s ‘fight against terrorism’

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Experts say war crimes case against Assad government growing

Criminal investigators say they have built a case documenting the widespread torture and murder of Syrian detainees by the Assad government

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Crimes and violations against Syrian children

Under international laws, children benefit from the protections granted to civilian non-combatants

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Chemical weapons use against civilians

Each State Party undertakes to destroy chemical weapons it owns or possesses, or that are located in any place under its jurisdiction or control, in accordance with the provisions of this Convention.

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Premeditated murder and mass killing

These crimes have been documented by the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and the independent, international commission of inquiry established by council resolution S-17/1 of 23 August 2011.

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