The first chapter sheds light on the tools that were used by the regime to circumvent international sanctions, and suggests how those who facilitated these tools could be punished by international organizations.

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Blacklist: book on war criminals in Syria

Blacklist: violations committed by the most prominent figures and How to bring them to justice

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Justice & Accountability


When death become a wish.. testimonies from Sednaya prison during revolution

Association of Detainees & the Missing in Sednaya Prison (ADMSP) is a non-governmental organization that works to reveal the truth, and achieve justice for the political prisoners or the detainees of conscience.

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One Year After Banning the Practice, the SDF is Still Recruiting Children

The SDF’s use of children in both combat and non-combatant roles has been widely documented throughout the conflict, including by Human Rights Watch and the UN Commission of Inquiry.

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Wafa Mustafa addressing the UNSC

We are proud of our brave colleague Wafa Mustafa from our movement who spoke powerfully before the Security Council today about the issue of our missing loved ones in Syria.

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Civil society organizations deal anxiously the Lebanese Government’s policy towards Syrian refugees and so-called safe return

This plan prepared by the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs rejects any measures that would resettle refugees in Lebanon, yet it calls for allocating funds for the resettlement programs of the same refugees in third countries

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book “Sednaya Prison During The Syrian Revolution:Testimony of Manal al-Rifaei

In whose face shall we shout? To whom shall we complain… They do that by orders of a judge representing justice?

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book “Sednaya Prison During The Syrian Revolution:Testimony of Imad Eddin Chahoud

In the prison, he was not distinguished from the others, rather he was subject to torture more than other prisoners. His sister was arrested by the air force intelligence service accused of smuggling a wanted young man from Daraa.

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book “Sednaya Prison During The Syrian Revolution:Testimony of Ashraf al-Hussein

At our first days in the prison they used electric cables, quadruple cables, to beat us. They were cables plaited twice, so they have four wires twisted together.

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book “Sednaya Prison During The Syrian Revolution:Testimony of Mutasem Abdul Sater

We were not able to know the time, no watches of course, so we estimated the time of dawn prayers from the early morning birds’ songs.

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List of Assad regime war criminals is long

The Assad regime with top-ranking military officials established the People’s Committees, which mostly consisted of Alawite citizens

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Prosecuting ISIS in Northeast Syria

Following the capture of Baghouz, SDF officials called for an international tribunal to help prosecute the more than 1,000 foreign fighters in its custody

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Justice or Forgiveness? The Case of Anwar Raslan

Discussions about who deserves to be tried, and who deserves amnesty, are integral to any post-conflict criminal accountability process

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Ali Mamlouk’s visit to Italy is a stab in the back of Syrian victims of Assad’s torture

Unfortunately, this feeling of being ignored by Italy has been reinforced with the latest elections which have been won by the Northern League and the Five Stars Movement, two parties which had several times expressed their support towards Russia and Assad regime’s ‘fight against terrorism’

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Crimes and violations against Syrian children

Under international laws, children benefit from the protections granted to civilian non-combatants

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Chemical weapons use against civilians

Each State Party undertakes to destroy chemical weapons it owns or possesses, or that are located in any place under its jurisdiction or control, in accordance with the provisions of this Convention.

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Premeditated murder and mass killing

These crimes have been documented by the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and the independent, international commission of inquiry established by council resolution S-17/1 of 23 August 2011.

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Hussam Qaterji

Reuters published an investigation of Qaterji Group’s role in oil provision on 11 October 2017, titled “How a businessman struck a deal with Islamic State to help Assad feed Syrians

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Rami Makhlouf, Maternal cousin of Bashar al-Assad

Rami Makhlouf embarked on his path in corruption early, taking advantage of the commercial embargo on Syria in the 1980s to smuggle foodstuffs, electrical supplies, and industrial equipment from Lebanon and Turkey

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Khaldoun Makhlouf is the son of Adnan the former commander of the Republican Guard in the Syrian

Khaldoun Makhlouf’s capital comes from two main sources. His first source of capital comes from funds raised through his father ‘Adnan Makhlouf’s corruption, bribes, and blackmail activities committed under the cover of Basil al-Asaad

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Major General Jawdat Saleebi Mawas. What do you know about him?

Major General Jawdat oversaw the chemical attack on the eastern Ghouta, which killed 1127 people, including 201 women and 107 children

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