About Us

About Us


Pro-justice is a non-profit that seeks to maintain the principle of accountability and preclude impunity for major war criminal and human rights violators in societies that suffer from or have just exited civil wars and natural disasters, with special focus on the Middles East and Syria. To do so, Pro-justice tries to work with all likeminded groups in the region in order to raise the voice against impunity and stress the need for accountability, as there is no future for any reconciliation without justice. Pro-justice also tries to address the public opinion and decision makers in the region and the free world in order to thwart any effort to save the major perpetrators from accountability.


Pro-justice’s vision is a democratic Syrian that enjoys the rule of law and, freedom of expression, and complete equality among all Syrians without any fear or discrimination.


Pro-justice’s mission is to advocate justice and accountability in Syria and all around the world, through dialogue, publication, direct contacts in order to guarantee that major culprits are not exempted from accountability.