May 22, 2020

existing dispute reflects the disintegrating inner circle around Bashar al-Assad

In a series of tweets, Hijab wrote that, "Bashar is advocating for the application of the constitution and the law, and Rami Makhlouf is advocating for the poor

February 25, 2020

SNHR Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Humanitarian Outcomes in the AWSD Project

The AWSD, which became publicly available online in 2009, is the most comprehensive global database of the major incidents of violence recorded against aid workers since 1997 to date

February 14, 2020

After Spending More Than a Year in Prison, Rateb al-Jabawi Dies

An engineer from Daraa was tortured to death by the regime in Sadnaya Military Prison, after a year and two months of incarceration reports Jesr

November 13, 2019

Norway’s Role in the Struggle against Impunity

Accountability for Torture in Syria – Norway’s Role in the Struggle against Impunity

October 13, 2019

Universal Jurisdiction

The guides, available below in Arabic and English, outline how to submit a complaint, the investigation and trial process, and the rights of victims and witnesses

September 21, 2019

War Crime Perpetrators and Justice in Syria

A panel of experts will delve into prospects for promoting transitional justice and accountability in Syria as part of any post-conflict scenario

August 30, 2019

UAE send high profile delegation to Damascus International Fair

Pro-justice has obtained a list of the UAE high profile delegation to Damascus International Fair

August 29, 2019

Coming soon: Black list

Using chemical weapons against the Syrian people in a number of locations, including especially Eastern Ghouta, and likewise the city of Khan Shaykhon

August 23, 2019

EVENT: Syrian war crimes: victims’ rights and opportunities (Berlin)

Join us to learn more about how German prosecutors pursue criminal accountability for crimes committed in Syria, and receive tips on how to bring a case to court

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