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July 20, 2019

Syria: Suspects’ Families Assets Seized

Collective Punishment of Relatives Under Overbroad Terrorism Law

July 19, 2019

“Their only sin was to want to live in dignity:” Urgent Action is Needed in Idlib

Despite these attempts to adapt, fear can permeate every aspect of life in Idlib

July 18, 2019

Syria war: Why did Assad restructure the military-security apparatus?

The Syrian president's move has been interpreted as part of the rivalry between Russia and Iran in Syria. That may be a stretch

July 13, 2019

Is Russia behind Syria’s security apparatus reform?

The current security structure shuffle is basically part of a reform package, which is associated, among other issues, with previously declared changes in the Republican Guard and the special task forces

July 12, 2019

Syria: Access Must be Given to UN Chemical Weapons Investigators

JOINT STATEMENT - Idlib is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe, and the time for the international community to act is now

July 11, 2019

Syrians are watching their crops burn. These crimes of starvation must end

Amid a war that may have cost 500,000 lives, we must hold the Syrian government and others to account for the use of hunger as a weapon

July 9, 2019

General Ghassan Jawdat Ismail: a criminal replaces another

In 2015, the United Kingdom froze Ghassan Ismail’s assets as part of the measures taken against a group of regime officers responsible for committing violations against Syrians

July 7, 2019

At least 544 civilians killed in Russian-led assault in Syria, rights groups say

Syrian Network for Human Rights says two-month offensive has left 130 children dead

July 5, 2019

Food Security & Conflict in Syria

Siege policies are most dangerous as populations are starved through “collective punishment”

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