November 13, 2019

Norway’s Role in the Struggle against Impunity

Accountability for Torture in Syria – Norway’s Role in the Struggle against Impunity

October 13, 2019

Universal Jurisdiction

The guides, available below in Arabic and English, outline how to submit a complaint, the investigation and trial process, and the rights of victims and witnesses

September 21, 2019

War Crime Perpetrators and Justice in Syria

A panel of experts will delve into prospects for promoting transitional justice and accountability in Syria as part of any post-conflict scenario

August 30, 2019

UAE send high profile delegation to Damascus International Fair

Pro-justice has obtained a list of the UAE high profile delegation to Damascus International Fair

August 29, 2019

Coming soon: Black list

Using chemical weapons against the Syrian people in a number of locations, including especially Eastern Ghouta, and likewise the city of Khan Shaykhon

August 23, 2019

EVENT: Syrian war crimes: victims’ rights and opportunities (Berlin)

Join us to learn more about how German prosecutors pursue criminal accountability for crimes committed in Syria, and receive tips on how to bring a case to court

July 9, 2019

General Ghassan Jawdat Ismail: a criminal replaces another

In 2015, the United Kingdom froze Ghassan Ismail’s assets as part of the measures taken against a group of regime officers responsible for committing violations against Syrians

July 2, 2019

United Nations money feeds corruption in Deir ez-Zor

After the revolution broke out, Nuweiser stood with the regime, and maintained his position even though one of his brothers died in an air strike on the al-Hamadiyeh district and another brother was wounded seriously and lost his foot

May 23, 2019

US Senate Foreign Relations Panel Passes Bill To Sanction Syrian Government Supporters The US Senate Foreign

The Caesar Syrian Civilian Protection Act of 2019, passed by the House in January, would require the US president to impose new sanctions on anyone who does business

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