February 14, 2020

After Spending More Than a Year in Prison, Rateb al-Jabawi Dies

An engineer from Daraa was tortured to death by the regime in Sadnaya Military Prison, after a year and two months of incarceration reports Jesr

November 13, 2019

Norway’s Role in the Struggle against Impunity

Accountability for Torture in Syria – Norway’s Role in the Struggle against Impunity

October 13, 2019

Universal Jurisdiction

The guides, available below in Arabic and English, outline how to submit a complaint, the investigation and trial process, and the rights of victims and witnesses

September 21, 2019

War Crime Perpetrators and Justice in Syria

A panel of experts will delve into prospects for promoting transitional justice and accountability in Syria as part of any post-conflict scenario

August 30, 2019

UAE send high profile delegation to Damascus International Fair

Pro-justice has obtained a list of the UAE high profile delegation to Damascus International Fair

August 29, 2019

Coming soon: Black list

Using chemical weapons against the Syrian people in a number of locations, including especially Eastern Ghouta, and likewise the city of Khan Shaykhon

August 23, 2019

EVENT: Syrian war crimes: victims’ rights and opportunities (Berlin)

Join us to learn more about how German prosecutors pursue criminal accountability for crimes committed in Syria, and receive tips on how to bring a case to court

July 9, 2019

General Ghassan Jawdat Ismail: a criminal replaces another

In 2015, the United Kingdom froze Ghassan Ismail’s assets as part of the measures taken against a group of regime officers responsible for committing violations against Syrians

July 2, 2019

United Nations money feeds corruption in Deir ez-Zor

After the revolution broke out, Nuweiser stood with the regime, and maintained his position even though one of his brothers died in an air strike on the al-Hamadiyeh district and another brother was wounded seriously and lost his foot

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