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May 18, 2019

Questions and Answers About Syria’s Secret Torture Prisons

Anne Barnard, our former Beirut bureau chief, took to Reddit to share additional insights into her Times investigation of the cruel tactics President Bashar al-Assad uses to crack down on opposition.

May 17, 2019

Syria: EU renews sanctions against the regime by one year

The Council also removed 5 deceased persons from the list, as well as one entity which ceased to exist and one entity for which there were no longer grounds to keep it under restrictive measures

May 11, 2019

Inside Syria’s Secret Torture Prisons: How Bashar al-Assad Crushed Dissen

Memos sent to Syria’s head of military intelligence reporting the deaths of detainees in custody

May 5, 2019

UN quietly plans to move all humanitarian aid operations for Syria to Damascus

Another source closely monitoring the conflict told Fox News Friday that the leaked reports of the U.N. consolidation have alarmed many aid groups and much of the government, including the U.S. State Department

May 3, 2019

US calls for end to Russian-backed air strikes in Syria’s Idlib

Washington warns of regional destabilisation as 51 civilians killed in ten days of ongoing air assaults

April 24, 2019

Joint Letter from Syrian CSOs on the Human Rights Situation in Occupied Golan

Security can not justify annexing land and violating all international conventions, ignoring the rights of indigenous people who are still displaced in Syria

April 14, 2019

Syria’s Assad: Last man standing amid new Arab uprisings

Demonstrations reminiscent of the early years of the conflict have resurfaced

April 7, 2019


“You shouldn’t say that,” Jassim says. “God himself has said to have mercy on the dead. Do you want to disobey God? Leave them for God. God will punish them.”

April 4, 2019

Common position of Syrian civil society organizations on the Declaration of the EU and the UN, co-chairs of the Brussels III conference on the future of Syria and the region

Directly and openly condemning the Syrian regime and its allies of targeting civilians in Syria, including the recent and current attacks on Idlib

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