Statements & Reports

November 13, 2019

Syria rights group exposes harrowing picture of life in ‘world’s worst prison’

Every former prisoner interviewed reported to have been beaten with sticks of batons in Sednaya, with 20 forms of torture identified, often resulting in the death of the inmates

November 12, 2019

In October 2019: two media professionals killed and violations seriously escalate

As for geographical distribution, violations focused in northern Syria; al-Hasakah province witnessed 9 violations while Aleppo province witnessed 6 violations. Also, one violation was committed in Idlib and one violation was committed out of Syria

November 10, 2019

The Most Notable Violations by the Parties Participating in the Constitutional Committee Within the First Week of Its Sessions

The Continuing Perpetration of War Crimes by the Syrian Regime and Its Allies Is Further Evidence of Insulting the Constitution and the International Community

November 1, 2019

Journalists in Syria deserve protection and justice

While the vast majority of crimes against journalists have been committed with impunity, there are some possible avenues for justice

October 26, 2019

Syrian refugees arrested, face deportation from Egypt

“Detaining refugees in difficult circumstances, preventing them from communicating with their families and denying them health care is tantamount to torture,”

October 25, 2019

After Its Secretary of State Announced That the Syrian Regime Again Used Chemical Weapons, the USA Should Implement Its Red Line Pledge

Through Its Repeated Use of Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction, the Syrian Regime Shows It Is a Threat to the World and Humanity, Not Just Syrians

October 23, 2019

Economic Recovery in Syria: Mapping Actors and Assessing Current Policies

Early recovery is critical because it is the phase that is supposed to transition the country from conflict to peace and stability and lay the foundation for the subsequent reconstruction process

October 21, 2019

Documentation of 72 Torture Methods the Syrian Regime Continues to Practice in Its Detention Centers and Military Hospitals

Identifying 801 Individuals Who Appeared in Caesar Photographs, the US Congress Must Pass the Caesar Act to Provide Accountability

October 18, 2019

Assad Is Now Syria’s Best-Case Scenario

The ruthless Syrian dictator is guilty of countless war crimes—and regrettably represents his country’s least bad remaining option