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A Letter about the so-called, Illegal “elections”, which the First Terrorist, Bashar Al-Assad

Second – Bashar Al-Assad’s criminal record is full of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, foremost among which are the crimes of using chemical weapons against unarmed civilians.

March 11, 2021

A Letter about the so-called, Illegal “elections”, which the First Terrorist, Bashar Al-Assad

Source:The Free National Assembly Of Employees Syrian State Institutions

A Letter about the so-called, Illegal “elections”, which the First Terrorist, Bashar Al-Assad

and his Criminal Regime Expected to Hold in the Coming Months

Dear Excellency, Mr. António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations,

Mrs. Linda Thomas, respected President of the UN Security Council,

Mr. Volkan Bozkir, Esteemed President of the United Nations General Assembly,

The Free National Assembly of workers in the institutions of the Syrian state presents its best greetings to you and has the honor to inform you of the following:

On 12/18/2015 UN Resolution 2254 was issued with the unanimous consent of the members of the UN Security Council, which affirmed the full implementation of the Geneva Communique 1/2012, and the hierarchy of the political solution in Syria through clear sequential steps beginning with a credible ruling, then a constitutional process for drafting a new constitution for the country, then Free and fair elections according to the new constitution, and under the supervision of the United Nations, in a secure, neutral and stable environment.

Based on the foregoing, any presidential elections through which the regime of murder and terror seeks to re-elect the criminal Bashar al-Assad is illegal and shall be deemed null and void, based on the following:

First – Any presidential elections before the implementation of UN Resolution 2254/2015 are absolutely null, illegal and illegitimate, and are considered a violation of UN resolutions and a flagrant challenge to the members of the UN Security Council and the United Nations “due to the failure to implement the resolution in terms of achieving the political transfer of power and the drafting of a new constitution that takes place accordingly.

– Failure to implement Resolution 2254/12 regarding the release of female and male detainees, especially children and women.

The refusal of Assad-regime to implement UNSCR 13/2254 regarding a comprehensive ceasefire.

– The Assad regime ignored Resolution 14/2254, which provides for a safe, stable, and neutral environment for the return of refugees and displaced persons to their areas of origin .. All this has not been achieved, where more than 13 million Syrians are either displaced, refugees and forcibly-displaced persons. Therefore, such “elections ” are illegitimate.

Second – Bashar Al-Assad’s criminal record is full of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, foremost among which are the crimes of using chemical weapons against unarmed civilians. We also remind you of some of his crimes, for example, but not limited to, as the criminal Bashar Al-Assad and his regime are responsible for:

1- More than 336 chemical strikes (Ghouta – Al Lataminah – Khan Sheikhoun – Khan Al Asal … etc.)

2- 1600 massacres against Syrian civilians

3- More than 100,000 thousand barrel bombs bombed civilians and infrastructure

4- More than 500,000 thousand arbitrary detainees and forcibly disappeared persons

5- More than 3,363 attacks on vital Syrian centers

6- The number of victims of the brutal bombing of the military machine of Bashar the terrorist and his regime, and death under torture in his detention centers, more than one million martyrs.

7- The forced displacement of more than 13 million Syrians with the aim of demographic change.

8- Killing more than 25,000 Syrian women.

9- Carrying out more than 8000 cases of sexual violence and rape against Syrian women.

10- More than 23,000 Syrian children have been killed.

11- The rape of more than 500 Syrian children.

12- More than 150 media professionals were killed and more than 700 others arrested.

13- The use of biological weapons against civilians.

14- Targeting the Syrians with death sentences through the so-called Terrorism Court and Military Field Courts, in revenge for their breaking out of his regime.

Third – More than 900,000 official documents prove and directly condemn Bashar the terrorist, according to the International Justice and Accountability Committee headed by the American Attorney General Stephen Raab, who confirmed that Bashar Assad was involved in committing more war crimes than the Nazis, and that the documents are arranged with the name of Bashar personally and coming from top to bottom .. “As the documents confirmed the existence of a strategy of orders directed at the bottom of the Bashar regime to arrest people, and then there are reports back to the issuing authority again about problems such as the accumulation of many bodies.”

Based on these crimes, violations and facts, we in the Free National Assembly of workers in state institutions turn to the United Nations and its institutions and to the peoples of the free world to:

1- Taking a legal, ethical and humanitarian stand against Bashar al-Assad personally and his criminal regime and preventing his illegal elections for violating UN Resolution 2254/2015

2- Not giving this deadly regime the opportunity to pass this farce by opening electoral centers for Bashar al-Assad in all countries of the world.

3- Referring Bashar Al-Assad’s terrorist file to the International Criminal Court in implementation of the UN Resolution No. 2118/2013 unanimously issued by the UN Security Council, paragraph 21 thereof, which states: “In the event of non-compliance with this resolution, it shall be decided, including the transfer of chemical weapons without permission, or Anyone use chemical weapons in the Syrian Arab Republic, to impose measures in accordance with Chapter Seven of the United Nations Charter, especially that the report of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons issued on 4/8/2020 with No. 1867/2020 legally proved categorically that Bashar the terrorist had used weapons. Chemical Weapon After the issuance of Resolution 2254 at least three times on: 24, 25 and 30 March 2017 in the Al-Lataminah area in Hama countryside, and that the orders for the use of chemical weapons were directly from the Commander-in-Chief of the army and the armed forces directly, and that the use of chemical weapons can only be done by direct orders from him.

Consequently, referring Bashar al-Assad and his gang to the International Criminal Court is the natural and just path to redress millions of innocent civilians – martyrs, detainees, detainees and forcibly displaced people – to bring peace and stability to Syria and the region, especially as he is a terrorist war criminal who has committed thousands of crimes against the Syrian people in particular and humanity in general, the effects of which cannot be forgotten. The future, no matter how long the time extends.

The Free National Assembly of Workers in State Institutions takes this opportunity and expresses its utmost respect and appreciation

The Free National Assembly Of  Employees Syrian State Institutions


8 / 3 / 2021