Statements & Reports

February 16, 2020

Families trapped by Assad’s assault on Idlib fight to survive in the snow

Vast numbers of people are caught between regime bombings and closed Turkish border

February 13, 2020

SDF benefits from letting IS prisoners go, capturing more

Euphrates Post journalist Ahmed al-Ramadan told Al-Monitor, “The SDF seeks to win over Arab tribal chiefs in the areas it controls, so it can increase its control and influence

February 13, 2020

Call for urgent action to end crisis in Idlib

Campaigners and MPs urge world leaders to step up their response to the humanitarian disaster in the Syrian city

February 5, 2020

500,000 flee Syrian regime’s deadly offensive in Idlib

Turkey intervenes, raising tensions, after weeks of aerial bombardment of rebel territory

February 3, 2020

Syrian children labor to support families torn apart by war

He spends his days behind the grill, in addition to washing the dishes and cleaning, earning 5,000 Syrian pounds (roughly $5) a week.

January 31, 2020

Syria: pro-Assad forces batter Idlib and spark fears of fresh crisis

Wave of airstrikes force 700,000 civilians to flee towards Turkish border

January 24, 2020

ISIS-only tribunal: selective, politicised justice will do more harm than good

While ISIS committed atrocities across its territories in both Iraq and Syria, any international justice measures must take into consideration the very different prevailing circumstances in the two countries

January 23, 2020

Idlib is the last refuge for Syrians fleeing Assad — and it is barely livable

The war in Syria has waged for almost nine years and claimed millions of lives. Northwest Idlib province is the last refuge for Syrians fleeing attacks by President Bashar al-Assad's regime

January 19, 2020

Syria’s Assad raises penalty on foreign-currency use to seven years hard labour

Syrian pound has dropped to 1,200 to dollar on black market in recent weeks, despite official exchange rate fixed at 434 to greenback