Statements & Reports

July 11, 2019

Syrians are watching their crops burn. These crimes of starvation must end

Amid a war that may have cost 500,000 lives, we must hold the Syrian government and others to account for the use of hunger as a weapon

June 30, 2019

Syrian refugees forced to destroy their own homes in Lebanon

Demolition ordered by military leaves 5,000 families homeless again, says charity

June 27, 2019

50 civil society organizations call for immediate action in the Security Council on the issue of the missing in Syria

While the tragedy of hundreds of thousands of families who keep looking for any information about their missing loved ones during the ongoing conflict in Syria

June 27, 2019

Rukban’s Humanitarian Purgatory

Rukban is only one of numerous ongoing humanitarian crises where civilians are stuck between the national interests of international actors

June 24, 2019

‘On the cusp of death’: Bread and flour run out in Syria’s Rukban camp

Residents tell MEE they are desperate after a halt in almost all smuggling routes into the camp creates food crisis

June 23, 2019

Coastal breakdown in Syria creates opportunities for Russia

As Bashar tries to battle rebels and internal opponents alike, he is also struggling to balance the interests and objectives of his foreign backers, Iran and Russia, both of which have been instrumental in defending the regime

June 14, 2019


In July 2018, the Lebanese government announced that they will facilitate the return of refugees to Syria under an agreement with the Syrian government

June 13, 2019

Idlib offensive: Stop the bombs or Syrians will ‘break the borders’

Recent protest at the Turkish border was triggered by the regime’s intensified military campaign on Syria’s last opposition-held region

June 9, 2019

Assad demolishes refugee homes to tighten grip on rebel strongholds

As the civil war wanes, the government is blowing up properties in areas it claims were opposition heartlands