Major General Mohammed Deeb Zeitoun

Major General Zeitoun almost never appeared in public or in the media.

July 30, 2018

Major General Mohammed Deeb Zeitoun

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General information

Place of birth: Aljabba – Kalamoun

Date of birth: 20/5/1951

Sectarian affiliation: Sunni

Current position: General Intelligence Department

Major General Mohammed Deeb Zeitoun is the General Intelligence Department. In this capacity, he is directly responsible for all the crimes and violations committed by members of the State Security Department since he assumed office.

  • Major General Mohammad Deeb Zeitoun brokered a number of truces in certain opposition areas, which was under the regime forces’ siege on but later, such as al-Waer Neighborhood in Homs. Later, however, he retracted his promises regarding the detainees. The truce was violated several times until the case ended with the displacement of the neighborhood to the north of Syria.
  • Major Genera Zeitoun visited Italy in mid-2016 on a private jet and met with the Italian Foreign Intelligence Officer.
  • Major General Zeitoun has been included in the British, European, Canadian and American sanctions for his responsibility for a large number of crimes he committed against the Syrian people. He is the successor to Major General Ali Mamlouk and is involved in a large number of sensitive files.
  • Major General Zeitoun has no media appearance or personal photos, and we only got this picture.

Source: Pro-justice