Wariss Fayyad Al Younes

He became more influential after he became a member of the People's Assembly in a mock election aimed at strengthening the regime's system of peace

July 30, 2018

Wariss Fayyad Al Younes

Short version

The sectarian affiliation: “Alawi”

Wariss Fayyad Al Younes was born in 1969 in the village of Sabboura, northeast of Salamiyah.

Education: Primary school certificate

After the Syrian revolution began in 2011, Riss Al Younes, at his own expense, armed large numbers of the youth of his village and made their own barriers called “Popular Committees”. The alliance with the Salameh family militia, a large family, was entrusted by the intelligence apparatus with the responsibility of sabotage, beating and arresting peaceful demonstrators in the city of Salamiyah and surrounding villages. This family is responsible for the deaths of many civilians. Salameh family is the family of the Director of Air Intelligence in Aleppo, Major General Adib Salameh.

Later, Younes became a member of the People’s Assembly, in a mock election that aimed at giving membership to people capable of implementing the oppressive and criminal agenda of the regime in the region, to keep it under its control, after it had lost most of Syria, to the armed opposition.

Source: Pro-justice